Below is a small list of resources that I use to run my business, build sales funnels, and make more money per lead. 

I strongly suggest these tools.

I have tested and tried A LOT of resources, including everyone on this page.

Please know that I actually USE all the recommendations below (hint: it's how you're seeing this webpage now) and encourage you to do the same as each of them have either saved me a ton of time and money, or just added in the style I was looking for to make my business sweet:)
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I. Love. ClickFunnels. This site is built on ClickFunnels. I've been building sales funnels for high level clients like Dan Lok and Alison Prince on ClickFunnels and they look amazing. 

ClickFunnels isn't just a drag and drop editor. I can put all my email sequences in, automate upsales and downsales, run an entire affiliate program on all my products, and much more.

 ClickFunnels is changing the way everything is sold and replaces over $1000+/month in other tools! 

Active Campaign
I love ActiveCampaign! I've used tons of other email auto-responders and ActiveCampaign not only is the easiest to use, it also makes your emails look super awesome.

Email is one of the most important communication mediums you need to master. Why not look good doing it?

I highly recommend using ActiveCampaign for your email marketing over any other service out there.
While ClickFunnels already has tracking from page to page inside of a funnel, there are many times I need more tracking done externally. 

There's nothing worse than paying for marketing and not tracking the clicks, conversions, and purchases. 

I've used many URL trackers and ClickMagic is the best.
When talking about traffic most people have no idea what solo ads are...

And thats for good reason, they are a gold mine! 

Udimi is where I get my solo ad traffic from because of the quality in vendors. 

Theres nothing like making an offer and not knowing where to get the traffic from, udimi solves that problem. 
Group Convert
Ever wondered how you can take the leads from your Facebook group and import them into your email marketing service? 

Well, group convert makes things super easy.

With a click of a button you are able to take the emails from people who join your Facebook group and like magic, they appear within your list.

Easy as 1,2,3!
TubeSift is my go to tool when I am looking to run YouTube Ads.

The idea behind it is to make sure that finding keywords and videos to target is easy as pie...

Prior to this tool it was a HUGE headache to see which videos could have ads run on them, but not anymore.

All you have to do when you have TubeSift is plug in a keyword and then let the tool find all the videos that can be targeted.

Best thing about this, I am friends with the owner and he gave me a special discount code to give out to my audience! So you get it cheaper than everyone else :)
When I first started YouTube, I had no idea what video SEO tools were...let alone what they could do for me. 

I thought they were just another gimmick to get me to buy another tool, I didn't need..boy was I wrong. 

TubeBuddy is LITERALLY, one of the only tools you will need to succeed in the YouTube world. Seriously. Get it now
ScreenFlow is my video editor of choice.

It is easy to use, and has a ton of features that you can use right out of the box. 

No need for fancy or expensive video editors when you're just starting out and Screenflow gets the job done. 

I highly recommend using Screenflow for your video marketing/editing.
My Favorite Free Books
There is nothing better than a free book and these free books below are literally, the only books you need when it comes to internet marketing. 

It is how I was able to get started on the digital world and highly recommend that anyone who is interested in this space, get started by picking a book below. 

Best of all they are free! You just have to pay the shipping and handling!
My Favorite Courses
I don't really buy courses, but when I do, I vet them to make sure that they are worth the money I am spending...

I check to see if they have results and make sure that they are trustworthy.

Check out my favorite courses below!
Best Affiliate Marketing Course
The best affiliate marketing course I have ever taken is by far Spencer Mecham's course.

He has seriously cracked the code when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

After all he is ClickFunnels top affiliate...he even got a 2-comma award for making over 1Million dollars just by promoting ClickFunnels...

This guy knows his stuff and HIGHLY recommend his course for anyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing. 
Best SEO Course
SEO is kind of a weird phenom that many people don't know how to master....

However, Greg Jeffries is a TOP SEO affiliate marketer and ONLY uses free strategies to get passive income. 

It's really cool to see how he can set a blog up, let it sit and rank him profits.

His course is full of goldmines and would suggest his course above any other SEO course out there. 
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